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We took seven days to drive around the southern loop of Ireland. It was full of green hills, sheep, rocky cliffs, great food, little pubs with music, quaint B&Bs, rainy moments, sunny moments, rainbows galore, and all of the castles you could ever dream of. It was everything Ireland should be and more, and I got to experience it with my love who, on top of a mountain top, asked me to keep on doing this thing for like.. ever. So there’s that.


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It doesn’t come easy for people to change. To fight what comes naturally, or in some cases, doesn’t come naturally. Change is hard.. he might even say impossible, or at the very least, unlikely. As much as he doubts himself though, he has shown me these past few years it is so possible to become a greater version of ourselves.

I think it’s love that does this to us, mixed in with enough life for great failures of our past… something to fight for that we don’t take for granted because of the loss we’ve experienced. Whatever it is, however it happens, I believe in that change now.

Perfect is a stupid word to throw around, but thank you Aaron for knowing everything that would mean the most to me and making me feel so loved on my 30th birthday. You.

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