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Loves his bath, just like his Auntie.

baby_bath0001 baby_bath0002 baby_bath0003 baby_bath0004 baby_bath0005 baby_bath0006


Important in that they are the first of their kind for our family at the very least.

If I were a talented writer I would be able to find the words to describe they way I feel about them. Something that sounds proud and happy without being overly romantic about any of it. It was a very small moment in the grand scheme of things…

They feel kind of like when you’re having a horrible day and someone you love says a funny joke or something to try to make you feel better. You can’t help but smile (just a little), and you try to hold it back so hard, but they can see that it worked in your eyes, so they start to smile. Then you see their smile and you just can’t help it cause you know you’ve been caught, so a smile sneaks out, only for a second. Then you immediately go back to your un-smile face because you still had a really shitty day and you’re just not ready to get over it yet.

Yea, it’s kind of like that. Sort of.

All I know is I’m glad they exist. You can’t change what you represent to someone, but I hope there are more of these pictures in our future. For them.

mom and quasi step mom Divorce_Parents0002 Divorce_Parents0003

I’ve been thinking about how much I truly treasure his talent lately.

I love making photos. I’m inspired by connection and emotion. If he starts a tickle fight with the kids, I’m the first one to snap a photo. There’s a random Portland snowstorm and I can’t wait to take a picture of them all bundled up together in front of our cute little snowy house. I want to be a memory collector and creator for our family, absolutely, but outside of those magic moments…. I’m not often inspired to pick up a camera.

And then there is my Aaron. He documents our life. Our real life, our messy life. Our super boring just another picture of Holly and his motorcycle in the driveway (again) life.  Those fleeting moments I’m generally uninterested in photographing are our memories. I am so thankful to him, so in love with the passion he has, and so proud to have so much of my sometimes completely uneventful life documented by my favorite photographer in the entire world. What a gift to me and his children.

I mean, really. Do you have a pretty picture of your unmade bed? I do. 😉

Morning, February 2014 by Aaron

unmade bed black and white