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We recently remodeled our very unfinished 1000 sq foot basement, doubling the size of our home, and adding a 2nd bathroom and 2 bedrooms for the kids. I think a house is never fully done. It should be a place that grows and evolves with your taste, experiences, and family.

This is our home and a list of my most treasured possessions, as we are, in this moment.

Living Room favorite things:

-Jonathan’s wooden Chess Set, a gift from his Grandparents.

-Gold plate that hangs on the wall, a gift from my Step-Mother, because it reminder her of me.

-Metal vase on the mantel with a Persian flower pattern that represents “new beginnings”, a gift from my ex-husband after our separation.

basement remodel in portland oregon kids rooms extra bathroom home decoration house002 house003 house004 house005

Dinning Room favorite things:

-Goodyear Tire photographs, given to me after my Grandfather, who worked in the tire industry, passed away.

-Dinning room table that extends to fit 12 people. Owned by my Great-Grandparents, and handed down to me.

-Framed tears from a singed copy of Aaron’s favorite Graphic Novel, Blankets by Craig Thompson.

house006 house007

Kitchen favorite things:

-Two magnetic strips that hold artwork and photographs by the kids. My all time favorite note from Holly reads, “I love you Ashley. You are so speshl to me. I am glad you are in my family. Love is awesome!!!!”

house008 house009 house010 house011 house012

Bedroom favorite things:

-Aaron’s guitar, and when he plays it softly when I can’t sleep.

-A framed photo of our trip to India together, and a turning point in our lives.

house013 house014

Guest Room favorite things:

-Antlers from a buck Aaron killed when he was 14 years old.

-Headboard we made out of $5 of reclaimed wood.

-Class photo of my Grandparents in middle school.

-A trunk full of memories I cannot throw away, and Aaron’s support to keep it until I’m ready.



Family Room favorite things:

-A piece of drift wood we found on our favorite neighborhood walk by the river.

-Our photos of the kids, particularly a framed series of 10 Instax Fuji prints from our New Year trip to Rockaway beach together.

house018 house019

Hallway favorite things:

-Our Instagram wall. Bonus: I Instagramed a photo of the finished wall and won the weekly competition hosted by the company that printed them for “Coolest Use of Prints”. The order was refunded as my prize!

-Aaron’s keyboard and how he plays music to the kids as they fall asleep.


Holly’s room favorite things:

-Vintage Kay Nielsen Fairy Tale Paintings above her bed.

-Her pink dream-catcher which my sister helped me make on a trip to Arizona.

-Pink desk which Aaron and I found on the side of the road during a trip to Seattle and fixed and refinished together.

Holly’s favorite thing: her wooden princesses, made for her by my sweet friend Jade from Junk in Da Trunk.

house021 house022 house023 house024 Jonathan’s Room favorite things:

-Aaron’s BB gun from when he was a kid (no BBs don’t freak out).

-A desk Aaron’s Grandfather made.

-Jonathan’s chess trophy.

-Light up globe lamp that I found on a thrifting trip with my sweet dear, Yasmin.

-Hanging on his magnetic board a letter from his sister that reads, “You are the best big brother a girl could ask for. I love you so much.”

Jonathan’s favorite thing: His basketball hoop.

house025 house026


The past month has been kind of draining on me. Parent or not, sometimes you just need two days alone together, with nothing to do but be present. The open road, no expectations, and room for long day-dreamy talks. I feel so in love, connected,  and hopeful. And hope really is the key to it all, isn’t it?

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