Monthly Archives: February 2013

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We recently gutted and finished our 1000 sq foot basement so the kids no longer have to share a room. It was a hell of a job that I will post more about later, but this week, after months of waiting, we got to reveal their new rooms to them. It was so worth it to see the smiles and excitement on their faces and how they noticed all the little details we put in to make it extra special for them and their own.

basement remodel kid bedroom DSCF3855 DSCF3857 DSCF3868 DSCF3888 DSCF3890 DSCF3895

This boy started basketball. As much as I love watching him play and practice on a team, I love seeing his Dad even more. How proud he is, how intense he watches his games, the coaching and encouragement he gives his son. There nothing more attractive than a man being a supportive and involved father. Really.

father son basketball practice DSCF3755