Monthly Archives: November 2012


We were lucky enough to have 2 Thanksgivings this year. Aaron’s parents came up to celebrate with us and I was able to host it for the first time in my own home. Couldn’t have done it without Aaron’s Mom and all her help in the kitchen, she was amazing. We had a wonderful time together doing crafts, playing Clue, fixing broken sink pipes, and and eating waaaayyy too much food. I missed my Grandmother a lot this year, more than usual, but it was really nice to use her fancy dishes and think of all of the memories I have with her and my family.

I think he had a pretty good day. He woke up to a balloon avalanche into his bedroom. Ate Daddy Waffles for breakfast. Had a big puzzle solving-clue finding scavenger hunt to find his gifts. Opened his new iPad Mini with his whole (Mom included) immediate family around loving him. Took his BFF to play Laser Tag and got pizza and root beer for dinner. Lucky kid. Happy 8th year, buddy.